The 4JPM Module

Understanding how the Normalizing Switch works.

4JPM V2.0 Schematic

The 4 Way Jack Patch Module comes factory default with a normalizing switch on the RED side jack channels to either mute inactive signal lines (when used with a MONO cable) or to loop back FX loops (when used with TRS/STEREO insert cable).  In rare cases, it could be required or preferred to disable this feature. Once the feature is disabled, it cannot be re-enabled.  Please follow these instructions if you wish to disable the feature:

Step 1: Remove the 4 BLACK nuts and slide the jack assembly out of the plastic enclosure.

Step 2: Locate the trace inside the WHITE circle on the channel you wish to remove the switch on. 

Step 3: Scratch, cut or drill the trace inside the WHITE circle to disable the switch.

Note: Removing the switch function does NOT void your warranty.