Installation Instructions


Voodoo Lab Mounting Bracket Installation Instructions

1) Remove the two Phillips screws from one side of your Voodoo Lab Pedal Power chassis and set them aside (don't lose them!). Align the holes of one of the Temple Mounting Brackets with the holes on the Pedal Power. Ensure the bent portion is toward the bottom of the Pedal Power (as shown in the photo below), then fasten both screws back into the Pedal Power. Repeat these steps for the other side:

2) Place the Pedal Power where you want to install it under your Templeboard. Place one of the small hex nuts (with hex side up) into the nearest hole on top of your Templeboard. If you'd like to retain access your the dip-switches located on the bottom of the Pedal Power then you can place them strategically underneath a cable management hole (the larger "pill shaped" holes). See below photo:

3) While holding the hex nut in place, install a thumb screw from the bottom up, through the bracket and perforated topsheet, and into the hex nut on top of the board. Repeat for the other side.

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