Our Story


Temple Audio Design was founded on a simple principle: create an experience for artists that we as artists would want to experience. Music is our expression, gear our passion, and we love to orchestrate the two together in perfect harmony. We desire to provide solutions that allow the artist to focus on the music first. Thus we are always brainstorming solutions that would help the artist's tools become a seamless extension of their own creativity.

In 2009, Ryan Dyck (Temple Audio founder/CEO) was asked to build a pedalboard with three key features that could not be found in the market at that time: lightweight (under 50lbs for airlines), no Velcro, and a true bypass looper. While abroad and with limited resources at the time, the version 1.0 Templeboard was created. Later, having realized it's unique design features and potential, Ryan decided to focus on producing and developing Templeboards further. After countless hours of perfecting the concept, the Templeboard you see today has evolved through several revisions.



Version 1.0: The first build. Built in True bypass with Aux Switches and Expression dial.

Version 1.1: T21 Pro. Built in True bypass looper with stock perforated metal top sheet.

Version 1.2: T34 Pro. Built in True bypass looper with V1 Quick Release top sheet.

Version 2.0: Standard T17, T21, T34 Pedalboards with V1 Quick Release top sheet.

Version 2.1: Updated 17, T21, T34 Pedalboards with V2 Quick Release top sheet.

Version 3.0: The Modular TEMPLEBOARD with V2 Quick Release top sheet.